Saturday, April 11, 2009

What is This? 0-5?

The ultimate blog for all things Tribe is back and it is out of desperation. As the RWAB looks like a team going absolutely nowhere just five games in to the season. 0-5 after a 5-4 loss to the all-of-the-sudden- contending Blue jays. There are NO positives. None. Well, maybe Travis Hafner, but that is it. This club looks over-matched, sloppy, and lame. There is no stopper in the rotation, heck, there is no rotation right now. And now that Scott "The problem Solver" Lewis is hurt, nobody has a clue who the fifth starter will be. Cliff Lee's era is 9.90. Hey Cliff, you wanna mope around about the Tribe tabling contract extension talks? Try bringing the ball down first. Today the team needed him to go toe to toe with Roy Halladay or at least stay in the same building and Lee could not do it. Yes, it is early, but Cliff is going hear the other "F" word thrown at him all spring: Fluke.

The bullpen is not good. Poor Kerry Wood, this guy can't even get into a game with any meaning at all. The best reliever that the Wahoos have right now is Vinnie Chulk. Masatime has run out, Raffy right and left both look exhausted, and so far Joe Smith has been very ordinary. These guys have been asked to step up with the starters struggling and they haven't. It doesn't help that the defense has been weak. I love Jhonny Peralta, but it is time to move him to third and be done with it. We know it. They know it. Why wait? Moronic thinking by this organization. It is about winning, who cares if Jhonny doesn't like it? Cal Ripken, A-Rod, and Michael Young have all been moved to the hot corner-- Peralta should be next.

Offensively this club cannot get a big hit. It has gotten so bad that Matt Underwood is forced to go to his "D" material in the ninth inning to alert us as to how many pitches per at bat Ryan Garko saw today. I know the boys today did make a valient effort against B.J. Ryan, but it should not have come down to that. Choo should have scored on Peralta's double earlier in the game. Asdrubal Cabrera can't hold on to a diving attempt that cost us the fifth Toronto run. It goes on and on and on.

I have been a staunch Eric Wedge defender. I am all about the grind. But, this club (Wedge admitted himself) was dry and stale cornflakes this spring and it now shows when the big lights are on. Unacceptable.

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The blog is BACK!!!! Excellent work sound very bitter. Love that about you...