Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ban Francisco

Enough already. I know you are supposed to be patient with young players. I know that many teams have given position players multiple opportunities to prove they are legit in this league (Clete Thomas, Adam Lind, Josh Hamilton, and Melky Cabrera are prime examples). I get all of that. How much longer do we wait for Ben Francisco? Corner outfielders are supposed to help carry your offense, they are supposed to have some power, and strike fear into the opposition. I don't see it with Benny. He seems like a good dude and a guy that works hard and can play all three outfield spots, but other than when Tampa's Andy Sonnanstine is on the mound.. when is this kid going to drive a ball over the fence? Francisco is no kid either, he will be 28 in October.

Last night the Indians lost Asdrubal Cabrera (their second best position player) to a dislocated shoulder. AC got the RWAB going in the first inning with a single off of Tribe killer Kevin Slowey. Here comes Ben, now batting second in Eric "Grind Theft Auto" Wedge's lineup, to promptly hit a hard grounder to second base. The Twins got AC out four to six at second base and he got hurt. As I watched the play unfold I said to myself.. lo and behold Francisco lines a ball into the gap and starts a big rally. Benny is seventh on the Indians in at-bats, yet TENTH in on-base percentage. His slugging percentage has gone down in each of the three years he has donned the chief on his hat. With all of the injuries the Tribe has sustained, it would be nice to see a guy like Benny step up, he hasn't done it. You know how many times in a game this season he has had three or more RBI? 3. That is it! And two of those three games were against Sonnanstine. I mentioned the Tigers' Thomas who has 13 rbi in 20 games, Ben has 20 in 46 games. How much longer do we play this guy everyday?

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