Thursday, June 4, 2009


You wanna send Fausto down to the minors? Fine. Who is going to come up then? Uh.. Hello? Bueller? Anyone?

Exactly. Fausto Carmona CANNOT be sent to Columbus to get his act together. If this continues in the coming weeks and Jake Westbrook is ready to roll, then fine. But now is not the time. For god's sakes, Jeremy Sowers pitches tomorrow night at U.S. Cellular Bandbox. Lord have mercy.
Fausto is a mess. Even Rick Manning pointed out today to Al TV that Carmona lacks confidence. He has the stuff and the sink to his fastball is still wicked at times, but he looks like a scared cat on the bump. Today Jason Kubel just mashed two homers off of him and Kubel acted like a bully in third grade taking lunch money. These were two "Crush Grooves". Someone needs to get with Fausto and wake him up. The Indians need him and lets be honest, this divison smells. Bad. For as poorly as the RWAB has played, and for as banged up as they are now, the boys find themselves just 7 back of Detroit! 7 back! What a hilarious notion. Grind.

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