Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CC Shows Off

Not a bad performance from the ace last night huh? CC Sabathia just flexes in a complete game, five hit shutout of the Twins last night 1-0. It is both cool and sad at the same time. Cool that the Indians triumphed and actually won two in a row for the first time since mid-May; sad because it may be one of the final times we see this from CC in a red-white- and blue uniform.

"I don't know what his record says this year," said Twins manager Ron Gardenhire, "but I think the home-plate umpire [Joe West] made the statement saying that's the best he's seen him throw this year or the last two years. That says a lot, because he did win a Cy last year."

I am one of those Wahoo fans that is always thinking positive and hopes somehow, some way, that CC can remain here. But lets be real, he's gone and likely will have to be traded before the deadline.

When CC is on his game it is extremely fun to watch. He is the leader of our team and has always represented Cleveland very well. It must have eaten at him throughout the game that his teammates continue to strand runners and pop out weakly to the Twins outfielders. The Tribe is a strikeout/weak flyout squad. I saw it first hand in Detroit on Monday. We do not make a lot of loud outs, that is for sure.

One dude that needs to get some love is Ryan Garko. 436 average over his last 10 games and 15 RBI. His at-bats are tremendous and he no longer looks like he is trying to pull the ball every time up. He needs to play everyday as does Shin-Soo-Choo. This race is not over yet, but the Tribe is definitely teetering on the brink of big trouble. One run on nine hits is unacceptable. Bad hammy or not, Victor Martinez has got to start delivering hits with RISP.

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