Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Time to Get Nasty

With Jake Westbrook placed on the DL with a sore elbow and Jeremy Sowers starting two days ago in Buffalo, the Indians literally had no other option for tonight's game against Texas. So the Tribe is going to give The Nasty One, Tom Mastny a spot start in his home state. The Ft. Worth native gets the call in front of family and friends and hopefully can give the Tribe 3-4 good innings. We expect to see Edward Mujica for a few innings as well. Hopefully these two can give the Tribe six innings to get to the back end of the pen.

Last year, DCB spent a weekend of Tribe ball in Dallas. Took in two games, went to the JFK Boo depository museum, and took in some other "scenes" in the Metroplex. The Saturday night game was started by Cliff Lee, who was chased early. The Tribe bats made the comeback, nd were trailing by a run. During the game, we realized we were sitting next to Mastny's entire family. Of course, he was brought in with two on and two out in the 7th. His family was so excited, and of course, some drunken buffoon female Ranger fan was taunting them the whole time. Marlon Byrd then lined a bases clearing double to seal the game for the Rangers. The poor Mastny's looked as though someone had shot their dog. King Diesel himself went over to console the Mastny's. It was a classic moment, that was caught on film by yours truly.

Lets hope tonight works out a little better for the Nasty One, seen above polishing off the Red Sox 3-4-5 hitters in the 10th inning of the epic game two in Fenway last October.


Yes, last night the great Casey Blake had seven RBI in the first four innings and they were all badly needed. But lets not get too excited. I know he leads the team in RBI with 36, but dif you know that 19 of the 36 were in four games? Which means that in the other 46 games he has played, he has 17 RBI. He is still also hitting .236.


I know he hit a two run jack last night, but I have to agree my brother here - enough with David Dellucci. How many more DP's can DD hit into? You love how he K'd with the bases loaded and one out last night as well. With Shin-Soo Choo now up, its time to play the future in a three-man platoon in the corners - Choo, Franklin Gutierrez, and Ben Francisco. DD is treated as if he has some great track record and will turn it around. Dude is 34 years old and never had a prime to begin with. Rewind three years back - The Indians passed on giving Bob Howry a three-year, $12 million deal, he then signed with the Cubs. Howry has been great this year and solid in his first two. That same money, was given to DD a year later. Can you say Ricky Gutierrez? Cut bait NOW Shappy!

Vintage that it takes going to Texas for the Indians to exploder offensively. is there a worse pitching staff in the majors? Did you see that trash they trotted out to the hill last night? You know you are bad when the Tribe scores 13 on you. That said, the Rangers are one game under .500, while the Tribe is still five games under. Shows you just how bad the Tribe bats truly are.

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The Bearded One said...

yeah, the rangers bullpen is pretty awful. Robinson Tejeda and Joaquin Benoit have no idea where the ball is going and it just looked bad. How are these guys even in the majors? I'm hoping AJ Murray falters early tonight and the Indians can attack that weak bullpen again.