Friday, June 20, 2008

Season's Over- Time For Thomas

A few years ago at Thanksgiving at my uncle's house, many members of the family joined together in the basement to play with the kids. My son was very enthralled with Thomas the tank engine at the time; Thomas is a big blue fictional locomotive that lives on the Island of Sodor and kids just are infatuated with him. Anyways, he was playing pinball and when he got done he turned to me and my brother and said "Game's over it's time for Thomas". Now we can all say together that it applies to our Tribe, cuz it is time for Thomas.

The Indians were swept in Colorado yet again. They were swept on the road in interleague yet again. They are now 33-40 and 8 and a half games back of first place Chicago. The season is over. Read the quotes from Mark Shapiro in todays Monolith: "We do understand the reality," said Shapiro. "We are without our No. 2 [Carmona] and No. 3 [Westbrook] starters. We don't have our No. 3 [Hafner] and No. 4 [Martinez] hitters. It is what it is."

Last night exposed the Tribe. No speed, yet the Rocks have it with Willy Taveras (whom the tribe dealt to Houston for basically nobody). Brutal defense up in the middle, led by ski-boot wearin Jhonny Peralta at SS, a lollipop armed CF in Grady Sizemore, and a backup catcher turned regular right now who is a passed-ball machine and cannot throw anyone out in Kelly Shoppach. No true cleanup hitter. It is not Travis Hafner, healthy or not, neither is it Victor Martinez nor Ryan Garko, whose at-bats in Colorado this week were very lame.

Thank goodness Mr. Clutch himself, Casey Blake, is heating up. His 3 for 4 night last night including a solo thin slice will only up his trade value. I cannot wait until he is dealt to a contender soon.

Summer has not yet officially started and our boys are already done. Bring up Wes Hodges, because no matter what-- I will still watch every game.

On a side note, Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer agrees with us in his morning column. In big bold print in the middle of today's PD it says "A Season Beyond Repair - 08 Tribe is Done." Terry knows what's up

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