Sunday, June 1, 2008

Marte and Dellucci Are Chumps

It is time for our fine front office to realize what we all realize: Dave Dellucci and Andy Marte SUCK. Cut bait and remove them from the roster. Now. What is the point for keeping these two worthless losers on the team? There is a reason why DD has played for six, thats right, SIX different teams in ten years. The guy lucked into a 29 HR season in 2005 for Texas and the Wahoos bought into it hook-line-and sinker. I'm done with him.
Marte cannot play at this level. When he goes to movies, he exclusively attends the 4A Cineplex. If John Schuerholz and Cantor Theo Epstein did not want him, then why should we? In four big league seasons (all short stints) he is hitting 197. Sweet Dude. 197? 69 K's and 62 hits. I've seen better numbers in a kindergarten class on the chalkboard. Goodbye.

These two were in the lineup today as the Tribe got spanked by KC. That should be the last time.

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The Bearded One said...

I definitely agree with you. Dellucci and Marte are wasted space. There is no reason for them to be on the roster. With Choo back there is no reason for Delucci to be around. Marte is a serviceable backup, but he will never be a started. I would rather have Jorge Velandia called up, since he is your typical utility man. If they can get anything back in a trade for either of these two, they need to take it right away.