Friday, April 18, 2008

The Blog Brings Love And A W

UH... YESSAH! We asked for a blog entry to get the Indians back on track, and we celebrate today. The Tribe finally wakes up and routs the rival Tigers 11-1 at Dolan Field. Fausto Carmona goes 6 plus to earn the win. He got himself into early trouble but worked out of it. He also received help from Gary Sheffield who failed to slide in the 6th inning on a Carlos Guillen would-be RBI single; the J-Mike actually comes up large and guns Sheff out at the plate after he failed to slide. Heck, even unabashed Tigers Slap Rod Allen on the TV side said Gary should have slid. The bats come alive as well as Travis Hafner and Ryan Garko both hit 2 run slices. The Tribe continues to own Justin Verlander and give credit to Eric Wedge who pushes some nice buttons. Wedge plays Jamey Carroll for a slumping Asdrubal Cabrera (4 for his last 34) and JC delivers 2 ribeye steaks. Even the J-Mike played and had 3 RBI. Alright Tribe.

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