Monday, April 28, 2008

The Lineup From Hell

Remember 1987? The Year the Tribe was on the cover of Sports Illustrated picked to win it all? That season was done in by a number of things, but most notably the famed and fabled "Bullpen From Hell," which features guys like Ed Vandeberg, Scott Bailes, Rich Yett, Mark Huismann, and Don Gordon. This year's team, despite all of the pitching talent, is floundering because of the "Lineup From Hell."

Take tonight; with Grady Sizemore injured, the lack of any sort of consistent hitter outside of Victor Martinez was scarily evident. David Dellucci was forced to lead off, with Jamey Carroll hitting second. The bottom of the order featured Ryan Garko (0 for his last 23, hitting .227), Fake (.224), Franky G (his two hits brought him up to .240), and K-Mike (.200). Dellucci left four on base, Carroll (.219) left five. The Indians as a team left 18 on base in the 5-2 loss. 18!

Meanwhile the Yankees scored four runs in the sixth without the ball leaving the infield. Two infield joke hits, a walk, a hit batter, two groundouts, and a third joke infield hit did in Aaron Laffey, who pitched a gem, but was done in by bad luck.

Back to the stagnant offense. Without Grady, you really see just how poor this team is offensively. Other than Victor, who scares you? Certainly not Travis Hafner, who hasn't had a big hit in weeks and is killing the Indians with his extreme lack of production. With Garko in a deep slump, why would anyone pitch to Victor?

Hafner is the main problem. He barely is making a loud out these days. He is turning into a strike out machine and a guy who reeks of being a possible performance enhancing cheater. Don't say you haven't thought of it. One bad year has now turned into 800 AB's without showing any signs of being the guy who owned AL pitching from 2004-06. If he doesn't wake up, forget the playoffs folks.

This team flat out needs multiple bats. That lineup tonight was a disgrace. The Indians have now scored three runs in their last 25 innings. They are getting no production from every power position in the lineup: 1B, 3B, LF, RF, DH. None. Changes must be made, and fast. Give me Ben Francisco. Give me Barry Bonds. Give me Kenny Lofton. Give me ANYTHING!

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