Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why Not?

Here's a question for you all. The Indians brass forced Andy Marte to be on this roster, since he is out of options. Yes, he was a one-time phenom prospect. Yes, the reason he is still around is because the Tribe was burnt by giving up on Brandon Phillips too early, so if you are keeping him on the roster, why not use him?
Casey Blake stinks. Bottom line. The guy is still hitting under the Mendoza Line. Fine. He is your everyday third basemen. I get it. But if Marte is eating up the roster spot that should be Ben Francisco's, THEN USE HIM! Fake doesn't deserve a day or two off? Notice Wedge sat a struggling Jason Michaels. He sat a struggling Asrdubal Cabrera for two days. Yet, while Fake still toils at .180, he continues to get at bats. Give Marte a chance! It's not like he could be doing any worse than Fake. How can you know if the kid is a keeper if you don't give him any run whatsoever?

OK, I know Marte isn't good. He is pull happy, has a long swing, and is an average defender at best. If the brass agrees, then get rid of him, get Francisco up here, and let him play left field instead of this clown show of a platoon.

p.s. I am typing this while watching the Tribe offense continue to sputter. 1-1 in the bottom of the sixth. How many more good starts can one team waste? Our bats once again look terrible. Jhonny Peralta just K'd on three pitches. Wow, was that weak.

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