Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sowers AND Laffey?

The Indians announced that Jeremy Sowers, not Aaron Laffey, gets the call-up to take Jake Westbrook's spot in the rotation. "We were very comfortable going with either one of them," Eric Wedge said. "We had different reasons for choosing Jeremy. He's not the same guy. What he's gone through, the adjustments he's made, some of the things he's learned about himself. I think he's better for it. We saw it there in his final start last season and he brought it into the spring. I was very pleased with Jeremy and Aaron this spring. You work off of what they've done in the past, what they did in the spring and what they're doing now." I was a little shocked by the move. As was KingDiesel.

WB: To me, Laffey should be the guy. He is dominating Buffalo (3-1, 3.13 ERA) and proved himself big time down the stretch last year. Sowers can be figured out after the first time through the order. One thing this does say is that the Tribe brass has confidence in Sowers again, something they clearly didn't have last year, but he has faced the Yankees before. Laffey hasn't. You have gotta love this Tribe rotation depth. How many teams can put a quality pitcher like Westbrook on the DL and have not one, but two options to go to that most teams would love top have in their major league rotation. What I don't understand is why Ben Francisco is 100% ticketed back to Buffalo by Saturday while K-Mike continues to stay on the roster.

KD: As I sit here and watch Jeremy Bonderman give up yet another first inning run to Texas, I definitely am a bit surprised that Aaron Laffey is not hitting the bump against the Yankees on Saturday. The Tribe is pointing to Sowers' performance in a September game in Seattle, which is fine, but what about Laffey in the ALCS at Fenway shutting down the Red Sox? The Yanks definitely don't crush soft tossers like they do hard-throwers, but I think you have to go with the best guy. Sowers is higher on the pecking order because of his 2006, I get that.. but it is still about winning games now. Texas just gave up a solo slice to Curtis Granderson.. Thanks Rangers!


With last night's rainout and today's doubleheader screwing up the rotation, it looks like Laffey will have to come up and start Monday against the Yankees. They come in for four games starting tomorrow and it sets up well for the hated Bombers, who miss both hot Tribe starters Fausto Carmona and Cliff Lee, as well as the injured Westbrook. It looks like this:

Friday: Paul Byrd vs. Andy Pettitte - which means we have to see K-Mike in LF.

Saturday: Jeremy Sowers vs. Ian Kennedy - smells like a 10-9 game. Is there any more over-hyped arm in baseball than Kennedy? Maybe Jon Lester.

Sunday: C.C. Sabathia vs. Chien-Ming Wang - The question is which C.C. shows up? You know the Yankees will make him work.

Monday: Aaron Laffey vs. Mike Mussina - Lets hope that Laffey pitches like he did last season and the New York bats are baffled with their first time against the kid.

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