Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rain Out

Only the rain can stop the Indian Express! Tomorrow we all get a real treat, an actual old school double-dip, starting at 6 PM EST. Fausto Carmona goes in the opener and Cliff Lee gets the ball in game two.

I'll say it again, we'd better see Ben Francisco and Andy Marte in at least one of the games. Speaking of which, the great Plain Dealer Tribe beat write Paul Hoynes buried Eric Wedge in this morning's Indians Chatter:

Hard to figure why Ben Francisco wasn't in the starting lineup Tuesday night after being called up to replace injured Jake Westbrook. Maybe it's because he's only here for a short time. Manager Eric Wedge all but said he'll get sent down when Aaron Laffey or Jeremy Sowers is promoted from Class AAA Buffalo to start Saturday against the Yankees in Westbrook's spot in the rotation.

Still, this team is lifeless offensively. Francisco is the player the fans have been screaming for every since he was cut in spring training in late March. Why not give him a chance to lift the team in left or right field? Could he possibly do any worse that the guys Wedge has played for the first 19 games?

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