Saturday, July 26, 2008


Top three days of my life:

1. February 28, 2007 - the day my son was born

2. April 6, 2008 - the day Kansas won the national championship getting me my first ring

3. July 26, 2008 - THE DAY CASEY BLAKE WAS TRADED!!!

The man I have hated and bashed for the last five years has finally been taken off our our hands. On right now, is this article: Dodgers send a pair of prospects to Indians for Blake. Seriously, I feel some movement in my shorts. The Tribe is getting A ball catcher Carlos Santana and AAA pitcher Jon Meloan. Meloan is a throw-in. Santana is hitting .323 with 14 home runs. He essentially replaces what Max Ramirez was in the organization, after he was dealt at the deadline last year for Kenny Lofton.

The Tribe could have received a pair of tube socks for Fake and I'd have been this giddy.

And so it ends, the Casey Blake era. Five years of this guy has been way more than enough. I have to give him credit though; this season he has been very solid at the plate and in the field. He has turned himself into a very hot commodity because of his versatility and likable personality. Nobody has anything bad to say about him as a teammate and person. Look at the stroke job by Dodgers GM Ned Colletti:

"Casey Blake is a gamer. His experience and character will be a plus as we head down the stretch in the final two months of the regular season."

I just can't believe my dream has become a reality. Truth is, I will miss having him as a whipping boy. It doesn't matter what he has done this year, when the team is in the tank and there is no pressure. I can never forgive him for his awful first pitch 5-4-3 double play in the 7th inning of game seven in Boston, followed by his brutal error which started the opening of the flood gates which led to the loss.

But today is not a day to look back. Its a day to look ahead to brighter days filled without #1 in Red, White, and Blue. To quote Bill Ray Valentine in Trading Places "What a happy day! What a happy day!"


Bo Anderson said...

Having watched Carlos Santana as a Loon for the past two years or so, I think you guys may have something good coming your way.

I'll always remember him hitting a walk off home run in the bottom of the 10th last summer. He may never make it to the bigs, but we'll miss him here in A ball.

Mookie said...

Dude--where does this hate come from? Casey has done EVERYTHING asked of him from the organization, and has emerged as a quiet leader by example. And he's a genuine good guy. Do you mean to tell me you think Andy Marte is a better option?

Personally, I hope Casey will end up back in Cleveland next year, just like Brian Anderson and Ronnie Belliard did on the short term loan. I hope that's what happens because we have ZERO leadership in the clubhouse right now.

Seriously dude, you make no sense.

Anonymous said...

now that casey blaked finally got dumped, i have an idea for what you should name your site now. how about "triple d - dump david dellucci"??? hee-hee!!!

T said...

Mookie - I have mad respect for Casey and what he has done this year. Read what I wrote - he is a great guy and teammate. But he was force fed to us for five years and it took a full five to prove he was worh something. Did you forget the first four years of garbage?

p.s. thanks for reading and commenting. Bottom line - I bleed Red White and Blue and know Andy Marte isnt the answer.

Mookie said...

I feel you man, and I bleed the RWB too, but to have the name of your blog "dump casey blake" and compare this day to the day of the birth of you kid? I too am an opinionated and die hard tribe fan. But here's my take. We root for a b-city team with a crappy budget--right? The nickel and diming drives the fans nuts when we think we are a just a couple pieces shy of being title-town--true? Only to have trade boys we build up "for prospects". do I need to drop names or rehash history?

Here me out--if you live and/or choose to root for a b city team, you need to embrace the genuine good guys, and if we build someone up (like Casey for example), a good guy who never got a shot, wasn't and will not ever be an all-star in NY or LA, but then ship em out for prospects? I am tired of being in constant rebuilding mode. I am tired of "wait til next year". My favorite tribe players are those quiet leaders (like Casey, Jake Westbrook, and previously my all time favorite wahoo--Chuck Nagy)

I just can't tolerate hate for someone who was at best a minor league journeyman, who we gave an every day shot to--in our b-league low-budgets city, who then embraced the opportunity, and the community.

Travis Fryman was crucified the same way (the guy who never had a meaningul RBI). I was not so high on him either when he was here--but the day he restructured his contract and ultimately retired passing up money he was entitled too and legitimately owed, I had a new huge respect for Travis the man....

Yes, the last three years have been a roller-coaster, but Casey has done everything asked of him and he should be commended for his "team approach". He hasn't gotten a day to day gig in one spot, and I can't imagine working for a company and never knowing what my job security is day to day, or what I might be doing?

Just knowing I am supposed to show up, do what is told of me, and not know if I have a job next year--yet never bitch?

His production agreed is and less than optimal (the last three years)--but to ship him out now, and crucify him with a blog dedicated to that ideal? Fact is-he lead the team in RBI's, and in the clubhouse--only to be shipped out for more prospects. We took a chance on Casey at a low price as is our way. He has delivered after three years, and we now "leverage" his market value to ship him out and get prospects? Prospects? screw prospects. I want performance and I want to win NOW! not tomorrow--which is the Cleveland way.

It was just a sad day for me living in a b market. Don't hate the playa--hate the owners.

I know where you are coming from, and I share your pain, but don't hate the playa. Casey is good people, and I wish him nothing but the best. Just needed to vent that shit.

All good my fellow tribe fan!

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We want to keep building this thing up, and would be happy to discuss ways to link up-as long as you don't be hating on my favorite blue collar Cleveland boys! Peace.

Jason said...

Instead of renaming your blog to "Dump David Dellucci", how about: "The Inane Ramblings of a Sociopathic Indians Fan", or "My Biological Father Was Just Traded to the Dodgers"?

Ryan said...

How can you hate the man who had the best beard in Cleveland?