Tuesday, July 22, 2008

West Coast Wrappers

What is going on here? The Wahoos go west and the ball keeps flyin' out of the yard. The Tribe has won 7 of its last 8 and last night beat up on the best team in the game the Angels with three bombs in a 5-2 win in Anaheim. Not sure what was more painful to watch, the Halos inability to get any hits with RISP or LA announcer Rory Markas (god awful).

Paul Byrd switched up his wind-up a bit and actually got into a nice groove going 5 and a third for the win. Raffy Perez had a huge night, bailing out the Byrd Maaaaaan in the 6th by getting noted RWAB killer Chone Figgins to ground into a 6-4-3 double-play to end the inning. It was a great scene in the dugout after the play with Byrdie going over and hugging Perez for having his back. I will say this about the Byrd Maaaaaan; he is a great teammate and one of the leaders of this squad. Win or lose he is a guy you want on the construction site.

As far as the bats go, our favorite whipping boy Casey Fake knocked a two run shot off of all star Ervin "Juelz" Santana (thanks for the text Seth). Jhon got into the act with a solo slice as did Andy Marte. That is now 16 homers for the boys in their last 17 games. Once again, though, Eric Wedge had Dave Dellucci in the lineup and I am not sure why? Ryan Garko has played ONCE since the all star break and Shin Soo-Choo is for 4 for his last 8- play those cats before DD.

Masatime in the ninth was enjoyable as he struck out the side with some nasty breaking stuff. I can't believe I stayed up for the whole game last night, but I did.

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