Monday, July 7, 2008

Send In The Clowns

After watching todays Mark Shapiro press conference, I came away with one image. Kevin Keane is a total knob. What on earth was that today? Here is the Indians GM having to face the media on the day he just traded the club's best pitcher since Bob Feller and the poor guy is being questioned by a rambling-foaming at the mouth-pea brained- tool. Keane of AM 1100 WTAM went into a diatribe about his talk-show callers and even phrased the Tribe as "we" at one point.

Spies tell DCB that Keane was wearing an Indians hat as he asked the questions. Seriously! What reporter shows up to a major presser wearing that team's swag? Keane wanted to know about the "emotional" side of the trade and how Shapiro should explain to the fans about "losing one of their own". You could tell Shapiro had no answer to what were two very ridiculous and poorly worded questions. Heck, were they even questions? This comes from a guy (Keane) who places "hot chicks of the day" on his webpage; I need folks' comments on this. Do you agree?

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