Monday, July 21, 2008

Why is This Man Still Playing?

....let alone hogging up a roster spot? Eric Wedge said the other day "We've got to get Dellucci going."


"Big Dave" played in two of the three games in Seattle this past weekend, DH'ing both times. Who needs to see a 34 year old DH who is hitting .225 and has ZERO future in this organization getting regular at-bats, which could be going to young guys like Ryan Garko, Franklin Guiterrez, or Asdrbual Cabrera?

GM Mark Shapiro tells us that the rest of the season is to evaluate the young players to see what we have for next year and beyond, yet Wedge still gives Dellucci regular AB's? It's bad enough he is soaking up an unwarranted roster spot and stealing an undeserving $4 million this year and next year (we'd have to put this deal ahead of the three year, $11.5 million contract given to Ricky Gutierrez and just behind the four year, $28 million deal given to Matt Lawton as Shapiro worst free-agent signings.)

The odds of the Tribe winning this series in Anaheim this week are about as good as the odds that Charlie Frye will once again be a starting QB in the NFL again one day. The Angels are the league's first 60-win team and the Wahoos send out Paul Byrd, Matt Ginter, and Aaron Laffey over the next three. Meanwhile, the Tribe has to see 11-3 All Star Ervin Santana, Jered Weaver, and one of the best pitchers in the AL in John Lackey. I'll be thrilled to take one out of three. At least Fausto Carmona should be back this weekend.

As long as Dellucci is on the bench, I'm all good....

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