Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who You Gonna Call? Matty Ginter

Good Lord.

The Tribe has all of the sudden risen up from the dead and taken three in a row.. YES.. THREE in a row from MLB's top team, Tampa Bay. Tonight, the RWAB had every reason to throw this game away because journeyman Matt Ginter was getting an emergency start and recalled from Buffalo where he was 6-6 with an earnie of 4.14. The man had not won a big league start since 2004, yet here he was mowing down the all-of-the-sudden weak hitting Rays for five scoreless. Tribe gets a rare show of "Ryan's Hope" as Garko homers, doubles and drives in five. Indians 8 Rays 4. I am speechless.

I actually hit up Warren B. tonight on a text and asked him what would happen if the Wahoos went on a Houston Rockets/Colorado Rockies type run and somehow got back in it? Highly unlikely, but I cannot give up on this team. It is an addiction. The season IS done and to his credit, Eric Wedge is thee only one who doesn't believe that theory. Bill Livingston should step back from his Nachos Bell Grande for a second and maybe pen a column propping up Wedge for at least keeping this ship afloat. Yes they have had their meltdowns and yes they are playing the likes of Jamey Carroll and Kelly Shoppach daily, but give the skipper some credit. They don't quit. They don't make excuses (well at least not all of them) and they "grind". Watch the Tigers and their 140 million dollar payroll for a week straight and you won't see much grinding. If Jerry Sowers is masterful tomorrow, then something IS really wrong with Dave Wills' Rays.

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