Monday, July 7, 2008

From Can't Miss to .150

Everyone seems to be extremely jacked over the prospect Matt Laporta, who looks like he is a can't miss guy? But you know who else was once a can't miss kid? Our very own Andy ".150" Marte. Don't believe me? Check out this amazing find by our own King Diesel, who came across this beauty from December 8, 2005, the day Marte was acquired by the Red Sox for Edgar Renteria:

DALLAS -- The Boston Red Sox gave up on Edgar Renteria just one year after lavishing a four-year, $40 million contract on him, trading the shortstop to the Atlanta Braves on Thursday for third base prospect Andy Marte.

The move left Boston without a shortstop, but Red Sox senior adviser Bill Lajoie denied a much-rumored deal that would wheel Marte to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Julio Lugo. Lajoie said he expected to see Marte play for the Red Sox this year, putting him in the outfield or first base if it's necessary to get his bat in the lineup.

"We want to keep that player. ... He's ready to have a good year," said Lajoie, one of four Boston executives at the winter meetings in the absence of a general manager. "He would be one of the five players you would want to start a ballclub with."

Do you believe what you just read? Because I know I didn't when the Deez sent it my way. Lets hope Laporta isn't another Marte....

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