Thursday, May 1, 2008

No Pronk = Eight Runs

With DCB spies amongst the 5,000 or so people in the stands at The Jake, The sleeping bats of the Wahoos suddenly woke up, busting out for eight runs on 11 hits and ending a three-game losing streak (which by the way was already their 4th three game losing streak already this season). Eight runs was plenty for Cliff Lee who extended his scoreless inning streak to 27 until Wladimir Balentien chased him with a three-run shot in the 7th. A few quick hits from last night:

1. Once the sun went down, it was freezing down there. There was a a stiff wind blowing from right to left. Thank goodness I was smart enough to bring gloves. The attendance read 15,279 in the paper this morning. Not a chance.

2. Bad job by the people who run the stadium. Only once, they flashed a Cavs score on the scoreboard and that was at the end of the third quarter. Not even when the game was over did they flash the final score. Yet, every five seconds I was reminded that the Mets lost to the Pirates 13-1 earlier in the day.

3. Back to baseball - last night again proved that Grady Sizemore getting on base is the key to this team's success. When he doesn't get on, the team doesn't score. He seemed to start every rally the Tribe had the last two nights. He led the game off with a solo pizza, had another double that turned into a run, and moved his average up to .287. Watching Dave Dellucci lead off two straight games was plenty for me.

4. Joel Skinner must leave his position as third base coach. He is clearly effected by the infamous Kenny Lofton stop sign in lats year's Game Seven of the ALCS. Last night on a bloop single by Kelly Shoppach to center, he waved home Fake with nobody out and Ichiro threw him out by a mile. Instead of having bases loaded and nobody out, Skinner sent home the first out of the inning. Naturally the next two hitters, K-Mike and Asdrubal Cabrera K'd ending the inning with no damage down.

5. I know Fake didn't really hit 5th last night did he? Yes, he hit an RBI double in the five run 5th, but again, this wasn't when the Indians were trailing 2-1 in the seventh. It was when the Indians were up 4-0 already. I know this may be seen as nit-picking, but seriously, can he ever come through when we need it the most? Of course not.

6. I sound like a broken record, but there is ZERO reason for K-Mike to be on this roster. Can you give me Ben Francisco already. You know he went 3-4 with a HR, 3 RBI and a stolen base Monday night? Can we please get this kid up here? Meanwhile, K-Mike continues to flounder, hitting .207.

7. Don't look now, but Franky G is hitting .276 after another 2-4, 3 RBI game last night.

8. The bottom of the lineup at first glance looked atrocious last night with Pronk and Jhonny Peralta getting much deserved nights off. Do you think the following scared any pitcher wearing a Seattle uniform last night? - Blake, Gutierrez, Shoppach, Michaels, Cabrera. Somehow, these guys combined for six hits and five RBI.

9. Cliff Lee looked great again last night. This was my first time seeing him in person this year and he looks like a completely different guy; so confident and eager to bust his fastball in on every hitter. He looks fearless actually. The way he is going right now going along with the rest of this deep rotation, if the bats would only wake up, the Tribe would be just fine.

10. Thank the lord that the White Sox can't hit and the Tigers can't pitch. As poorly as the Tribe has played in the month of April, finishing 13-15, they sit only two games out of first in a division that looks ripe for the taking. Now if Pronk would wake up.....

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