Friday, May 9, 2008

Act As If.....

Remember that quote from the underrated flick Boiler Room? Ben Affleck, in a cameo role, tells his sales trainees that when they are on the phones, they need to act as if they have done this 1000 times and they are confident in their abilities. There is a difference between confidence and sheer cockiness, and folks, this brings us to Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain.

In the 8th inning of yesterday's 6-3 loss in the Bronx, the dominant reliever got the Indians 1-2-3, capping it off with a strikeout of David Dellucci. As DD K'd, Joba decided to scream and pump his fists like this was game seven of the World Series. When it happened, the first thing I said was "what a friggin loser." Correct me if i'm wrong, but yesterday was MAY F'ING 8TH!!!! Correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't Dellucci just tag this loser for a three-run, game changing pizza two nights earlier, blowing his team's one run lead? Did you see DD running around the bases like a jack-ass.


You know why? Because he is a pro and he's been there before. ACT AS IF Joba! This will all come back to him. Don't miss Dellucci's comments in today's New York Times:

“If he wants to yell and scream after a strikeout and dance around the mound, that’s what gets him going,” he said. “My home run was in a much bigger situation, a much more key part of the game, but I didn’t dance around and scream.”

“If a hitter did something like that, everybody would say it was bush and that you shouldn’t do that,” he said. “It’s kind of funny how a pitcher can get away with it.”

Good for Dellucci for calling him out. This kid a bright future in front of him, but he is doing himself no favors with this clown act on the mound. Same thing happened last year with "The Savior" Joel Zumaya of the Tigers. He pulled this same crap on the Indians one game, then choked out three times in a row afterwards. What goes around comes around.


I know this site is named "Dump Casey Blake," but today, I give him credit. The last two games, he has come out with big RBI's, moving his total to a team-leading 22. Yes, he is still hitting .210, but he is hitting .500 (8-16) with runners in scoring position with 21 RBI. Doesn't mean we here at DCB have changed our minds; we still want him gone.


The Bearded One said...

nice post, i was planning on writing pretty much the same thing today on my blog, but now there's no need. I couldn't believe when Joba did that yesterday. Come on, he struck out David Dellucci in early May, that's not an accomplishment.

satribe said...

Before we get too excited about Klutch Kasey’s performance thus far, let’s take a closer look.

Of his 25 rbi, 6 came in losses, 8 came in blowout wins, and 8 did not affect the outcome (Tribe won by more runs than he drove in). That leaves 3 rbi which had a direct impact on winning the game, and those all came on opening day. Despite his total rbi and average with RISP, Kasey only shines when it doesn’t matter.

On the other hand, Kasey has 49 LOB through the first 37 games. In seven of those games, which were all losses, his LOB were enough to tie or win they game had they been rbi. We might be 26-11 with a true clutch hitter at 3rd, instead of 19-18.

Little wonder the Tribe is 5-0 when Kasey doesn’t play.