Sunday, May 25, 2008


Thank God It's Benny. Ben Francisco's arrival and subsequent insertion into the lineup every day is vital. This organization screwed up majorly by not having him in LF on opening day. Now Benny is swinging the bat in a big way and thank god for Number 12.

Benny was robbed of a HR by the umps on Friday, so what does he do on Saturday against the Rangers? He hits a no-doubt-about-it three run slice of heaven off Scott "Hello" Feldman to help pace the Tribe to a 5-2 win.

“It was nice to get it over the rail and make it no doubt,” said Francisco, who has hit safely in 14 of his last 18 games, going 23-for-62 (.371) with 11 RBI.
“We definitely needed a win,” Francisco continued. “They got the lead on us, but Cliff pitched great, we got some hits and came back."

When Victor comes back from his finger injury, Benny should be hitting 3rd, Martinez 4th and Travis Half-ner fifth. Period. End of story.

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