Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stop Laughing Cuz It Aint Funny

Anyone catch last night's Tribe game? Another lackluster performance at the plate and this time the starting pitcher cannot hold the slim lead as the White Sox pound the Indians 7-2. That is now five straight losses and tonight Chicago goes for the back to back sweep. First the Reds and now the slo-pitch Sox. Who would bet against Chicago tonight? Seriously. The Tribe at-bats are feeble, I cannot recall the last time I saw a guy not named Francisco or Aubrey drive a baseball to the gap, and they seem to be okay with it.

Last night Victor Martinez kicked a bucket of sunflower seeds in the dugout and his foot got stuck. It became a comedy show in the dugout and guys were laughing. Fine. have some fun. But, what the beatwriters and reporters did not see was the laughing and smiling from the face of Grady Sizemore after the final out of the 8th inning when he and Francisco were running back to the dugout.

What is so funny Grady? You havin fun losin? Sizemore should be sprinting his 254 hitting ass into the dugout with no grin at all. This team lacks leadership on the field and if a guy like Trot Nixon was still around, I doubt he would have allowed for "the greatest player of our generation" to be hamming it up down 7-2 to a rival. Travis Hafner has taken some heat and well he should, but, it is time for the "great" Grady Sizemore to get his act together. His numbers have also been in decline the last couple of years and his weak ground outs to the right side and constant K's cannot keep happening. "Krady" has 38 strikeouts to his 43 hits! That is pathetic.

It is not funny. This division sucks. Get your act together and go win a ballgame or two. Shin Soo-Choo is hitting 353 at Buffalo and will be in the state of Ohio this weekend playing against Columbus. Hopefully soon he will be making the trek up I-71.

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csusi said...

im with you on that. as funny as the moment was, not sure if the laughter should have been coming from the guys it was coming from. i just heard mark bishop make the comment that victor should have turned around and said, "what are you laughing at, you suck more than i do", which would have made it all the more better.

we're horrible, but ill still be the goober that continues to watch waiting for something.