Sunday, May 4, 2008

AMEN - Francisco's Back

After watching another pathetic offensive display, Mark Shapiro has finally had enough. According to the Buffalo News' Bison beat reporter Mike Harrington, Ben Francisco has been informed by manager Torey Lovello that he has been recalled to the big club. No roster move has been announced by the Tribe, but expect long man Tom Mastny to be sent back down.

All we can say is it's about damn time. How many more straws can break the camel's back? The stat of the year is that the Indians have played 31 games and have scored three runs or less 16 times. Take away Ryan Garko's 2-4 in the seven hole, and the rest of the bottom five, or the "slump patrol" as I like to call them, went 0-12. Poor Aaron Laffey deserved a better fate. Nothing like throwing seven innings of four hit, zero earned run ball, and getting the loss.

Our boy Fake is now down to .202 and still is playing every single friggin day. Did I mention today when his fifth inning, two out, air mail throwing error on an easy play to second gift-wrapped the Royals winning run? I'm sure he'll be rewarded by moving up in the order or continuing to play every day without a rest.

Next up is the Yankees. Lets see how many more great pitching performances the Tribe can waste this week.

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Anonymous said...

either casey "blank" has photos of eric "the genius" wedge in some sort of "compromising position" or he sucks a mean dick. there's just no other explanation why he continues to get the lion's share of the 3rd base playing time while a vastly more talented and an 11 years younger andy marte continues to see his skills atrophy while a no-talent, mediocre, white journeyman veteran like blake gets a free pass to just be increasingly more mediocre. and don't even get me started on the two-headed platoon monster that is michaellucci dellilichaels. it's bad enough when wedge plays just one of these guys, but to put both of them in the same lineup together is just downright insane. no wonder they have had trouble scoring any runs when "the genius" makes such lineup decisions like this. jane, stop this crazy thing.