Saturday, May 3, 2008

Old Bit Getting Older

Is it just me, or does the Indians offense score two runs every game for five days, then score 8-10 in one game to c-tease us, then go right back to the two run outputs? Another pathetic performance down at the Jake tonight on several levels. The weather. The Bats. The matchup relief pitching. With a chance to put themselves inexplacably in a first place tie with the Twins and White Sox, the Tribe bats once again were lulled to sleep. This time by rookie Luke Hochevar, reliever Ron Mahay, and closer Joakim Soria.

Memo to Eric Wedge and Mark Shapiro - It ain't workin with these players, no matter where you put them in the lineup. Look at the bottom five of the order tonight:

Jhonny Peralta 0-3, 2 left on base, now hitting .222

Travis Hafner 0-3, 1 left on base, now hitting .215

Ryan Garko 0-3, 2 left on base, now hitting .229

FAKEY FAKE 0-3, 4 left on base, now hitting .209...209!!!!!

Asdrubal Cabrera 0-2, 1 left on base, now hitting .198

The Indians two runs came on a wild pitch and a solo homer by Grady Sizemore. Talk about the weak beav.

Fake came up in a big spot in the second with two on and two out. Guess what he did? It rhymes with Mike Kraut. It's getting downright embarrassing and the fact that Eric Wedge refuses to sit this no talent waste on a roster spot defies logic. Imagine how bad Andy Marte must be if he can't take this stiff's job. Yet he continues to sit on the roster taking up the spot of Ben Francisco, who could be up here getting hits. If Marte is this bad, then cut his ass!!!! Instead, the roster carries both he and Fake.

You'd think the organization would see this after six years. Nah, not Wedge and Shappy, they are too busy tonguing Fake's balls to realize that new troops are needed and the man who wears #1 needs to become a bench player immediately. How much more do they need to see from this guy?

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