Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shake That Laffey Taffy

Half game back! Tribe wallops the Jays 12-0 last night. Grady Sizemore leading off the game with a HR and finishing with 5 RBI. Aaron Laffey continues to impress with seven scoreless innings; how about his ERA is 1.83. You have to wonder now if Laffey may overtake Paul Byrd at some point this season and that is no knock on the Byrd Man. This kid is a big league pitcher.

Great to see the Tribe offense explode and they are delivering all kings of big hits now in big spots, something they did not do for most of the season. Hopefully the rain holds off today. By the way, best of luck to Tom Mastny. "Nasty" has not seen a ton of action and will be optioned down to Buffalo for now. No word on who is coming up to take his spot. Tommy will be back!

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