Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Do Not Mess With Wedge

Classic Quotes today from the Tribe Skipper. Eric Wedge is none too pleased with his team, even after the Wahoos take three out of four from the Fighting Gibbons' from Toronto. Nothing like having your starters go 18 scoreless and only come out with a split. Wedge's pearls:

It's a triple play," snapped manager Eric Wedge after the game. "I'm not going to talk about it. We didn't win the game."

"Our approach was as poor, if not the poorest, I've seen here all year." "There's no excuse. We gave away at bats all night long. Their kid [Marcum] is a helluva pitcher, but we gave away at bats all night."

I like this. It is easy to walk away and say "Hey we got a split and the pitching was great" but Wedgie did not do that. He knows that his club could be three or four games up in the AL "Comedy" Central Division if the bats weren't so darn cold. I think Eric made an error in sitting DD yesterday for Jason Tyner in Game 2.

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