Sunday, May 18, 2008

Never Thought I'd Say This.....

Where's Joe Borowski when you need him?

All of a sudden the Indians have two issues - the on-going struggles offensively and now the inability to close out games. Rafael Betancourt wasn't the answer, Masa Kobayashi gave up the three-run pizza to Adam Dunn in his first real shot as closer yesterday, and the Tribe has lost two games in a row they probably should have won, both because of their bullpen.

JoBo cannot come back fast enough. Did I really just say that?

What's Eric Wedge to do? Stick with Masa until Borowski comes back and see what happens after that. If Jo-Blow returns to his old form, then Mark Shapiro has to look into dealing for the A's Huston Street, who is rumored to be available.

Then there's the offense, which seemingly hits homers or singles. Ben Francisco is by far and away the team's best and hottest hitter not named Victor Martinez. Don't besurprised to see hit hitting third for a while, though he is doing a nice job in the five hole. The David Dellucci in the third spot experiment has run its course needs to be put down for good. Once we get past this Interleague crap, here is the lineup I'd like to see:

1. Sizemore - no brainer
2. Peralta - seems to have taken a liking to this spot
3. Francisco - why? why not, nobody else is worthy of this spot right now.
4. Martinez - see Sizemore
5. Hafner - Maybe, just maybe, he is warming up a tad?
6. Garko - Righty to protect Pronk. I think he comes around soon.
7. DD/Gutierrez - Struggle city USA resides at #7
8. AC/Carroll - Boy, do our second basemen know how to hit!
9. Fake - Seems most comfortable and at his best here

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